Consorzio di Tutela del Pomodoro S. Marzano dell'Agro Sarnese Nocerino DOP

Sample image Protection Consortium of “San Marzano Tomato” of the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino area. Download our logo here.

The Protected Designation of Origin of “San Marzano Tomato” is certified by the Mediterranean Institute of Agro-food Certification. Click here to visit the website.

Sample image The San Marzano Tomato of the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino area is a product with Protected Designation of Origin.

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Scopri il Programma




The San Marzano Consortium was founded in June 1999 by several economic operators who joined together the producers of agricultural products and the tomato processors together for this project. The Consortium aims are the protection and the increase in value of the San Marzano Tomato PDO of the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino Area in compliance with (EC) REG. 2081/92 and REG. 1263/96. The PDO geographical area is constituted  by forty-one Municipalities in the Provinces of Salerno, Naples and Avellino. The origin of the Consortium is due to economic and social motivations in order to re-launching a geographical area that has always been the synonym of a particular typology of tomato (the San Marzano), and in which, over the years, the production of this product has reduced  from about 4 million quintals to an almost unimportant amount.




The San Marzano Consortium intends to pursue a comprehensive activity for the economic development and the valorisation of the territory above-mentioned, involving all the economic, institutional and social participants present in the area where this particular product is cultivated and processed. Therefore these objectives are particularly demanding.

- to carry out all the activities and tasks assigned to the protection consortiums by community, national and regional legislations;

- to undertake to maintain the registers of producers and processors of this product who can use the pdo trademark;

- to promote and carry out an appropriate policy of concentration of the product available;

- to develop and spread the improvement of the cultivation techniques;

- to promote genetic improvements and provide for preservation and the conservation of the germ-plasma of the ecotypes of autochthonous tomatoes as well as their selection; to take all the initiatives aimed at perfecting and improving the agro-industrial processing of the product;

- to improve the economic earning capacity of agricultural producers;

In order to offer guarantees to consumers, the Consortium will dedicate particular attention to all the control procedures from the seeds to the plants, to the system of cultivation and transformation and to the analysis carried out in the laboratory; it will also ensure that only packages of tomatoes numbered and certified by the IS.ME.CERT., the certification institute designated by the Ministry for Agricultural Policies, are introduced in to the market.



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The official headquarters of the Consortium San Marzano Tomato is located:

  • Address: Via Piave, 120 - Castel San Giorgio (SA)
  • Phone: (+39) 089 123 123
  • Fax: (+39) 089 123 123
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