The tomato plant and berries of the San Marzano 2, KIROS variety or improved lines accepted for processing to produce San Marzano dell'Agro Sarnese Nocerino Tomato of Protected Designation of Origin PDO , must meet the following requirements:

1) Plant characteristics:

  • Indeterminate development of any stature, excluding indeterminate types;
  • Foliage well covering the berries;
  • Scalar maturation;
  • Bacche acerbe con “spalla verde”.

2) Berry characteristics of the fresh product suitable for peeling:

(a) berry with two or three lodges, elongated cylindrical to pyramidal shape with length 60 to 80 mm. calculated from the attachment of the peduncle to the stylar scar;
b) angled/rounded cross-section;
c) axis ratio: not less than 2.2 + 0.2 (calculated between length of the longitudinal axis and that of the major transverse axis in the equatorial plane);
d) absence of peduncle;
e) red color typical of the variety;
f) easy detachment of the cuticle;
(g) reduced presence of placental voids;
(h) pH not exceeding 4.50;
(i) refractometric residue at 20° C equal to or greater than 4.0%;
(l) limited presence of thickened vascular bundles in the petiolar (taproot) zone.

The following tolerances are allowed:
under (a) slightly irregularly shaped fruit, but typical of the variety, provided they do not affect more than 5% of the lot;
under (d) peduncles: maximum 1% of the fruit;
under (e) yellow ark up to a maximum of 2 sq. cm per fruit provided they do not affect more than 5% of the lot;
under (i) a tolerance of -0.2 is allowed for the refractometric residue at 20° C.