Consortium History

Starting from these premises, the San Marzano Consortium intends to pursue an overall action of economic development and enhancement of the reference territory, involving all the economic, institutional and social actors present in the area of cultivation and processing of this product. The objectives to be pursued are therefore particularly challenging.

  • Carry out all activities and tasks attributed to protection consortia by relevant Community, National, Regional legislation;
  • Provide for the maintenance of registers related to producers and processors of the product that can bear the PDO mark;
  • Promote and implement an appropriate supply concentration policy;
  • Develop and disseminate improved cultivation techniques;
  • Improving the economic viability of agricultural producers.
  • Promote genetic improvement and preservation of the germplasm of native tomato ecotypes and their selection; carry out all initiatives to perfect and improve the agro-industrial processing of the product;

In particular, the Consortium, in order to guarantee consumers, pays special attention to all control procedures starting from seeds, seedlings, the cultivation and processing system and ending with laboratory analysis, and will ensure that only numbered packages of San Marzano tomatoes certified by Agroqualità, the certification institute designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, are placed on the market.